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You'll find here an entire selection of pieces written by Julien QUIRIN, a composer who hails from Alsace, France.

Musical composition, as well as music in general, provides for Julien the source of his passion.

The pages you'll browse on this site are intended to share with you his passion.

Drawing inspiration from the romantic or mystical, the works exposed here offer a poetic glimpse of the Human condition contrasted by the search for Absolute Truth, whether it be through sentimental attachment, religious fervor, power or the arts.

We hope you enjoy your visit.

Music presented on this site:

Prelude "Vendredi Saint" (piano)

Ballad (violin - cello)

Romance for the Harp

Faust (vocals, bass choir, violins, piano, electric guitars)

Quintet (violin, three French horns, piano)

Nuage (strings, flute and French horn)

Sonatine (piano),

La Fée, l'enfant et le voeu (for orchestra),

Le Mont de Tariq (for orchestra)

Agnus Dei (a cappella choir)

La Reconquista (for orchestra),

Olympus Mons - Les Hespérides et le Jardin des Dieux - les Pléiades - Orion - Gaïa (for orchestra, choir and soprano).

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These elements are all protected under intellectual property rights*.

* All paintings depicted on this site lie within the public domain.

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