This work, composed in 2005, focuses on a series of universal themes, i.e. the struggle between good and evil, temptation and fear of consequences...

...embodying feelings and concerns that play out through the myth of Faust.

This piece is intent on showcasing the figure that was Faust, complete with his questioning, doubts, fears and hopes.

This "classical", or more precisely "romantic", style is matched up here with a "rock" sound:

  • The piece actually begins like a classical work, with a background theme sung by a large bass choir (evoking Mephistopheles), leading to a second theme sung by a bass soloist (Faust) - or mixed bass ensemble, like in the present version - accompanied by the piano and then violins,
  • Afterwards, the music gradually transforms into a "rock" song, with the singer - or bass ensemble - being backed, in addition to the piano and violins, by a full choir and electric guitars.

The melodic tension, which enters slowly and then intensifies via a continuous crescendo, only eases upon the completion of a majestic climax.


Time: 6:10

The synopsis of this song, i.e. the story as it unfolds measure by measure, may be downloaded in PDF format by clicking below:

Read the synopsis

Painting by Franciszek Zmurko: Faust's vision, 1890

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