La Fée, l'enfant et le voeu  

La Fée, l'enfant et le vœu

La Fée, Gilbert QUIRIN c 2013

A symphonic poem composed in 2012.

A piece intended as a musical rendition of a magical encounter with a Fairy.

For children young and old and all those who are open to the world of dreams and fantasy.


Walking in the forest one day, a child catches a glimpse of a fairy just around a bend in the path.

At first intimidated by this supernatural, mysterious creature, the child hides and keeps a safe distance.

Curiosity, however, gets the better of the child and she gently approaches the fairy.

The fairy kindly asks the child if she has a wish she would like to make.

Trembling, she whispers her wish to the fairy.

The fairy explains that it will be difficult to make this wish come true. Then, determined to try anyway, she performs a series of complex, grandiose magic spells, which the child finds marvellous and impressive.

The child closes her eyes and wishes very hard.

When the fairy has finished her magic, the child opens her eyes to find out whether or not her wish has come true...


Duration: 11:14

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